Monday, June 3, 2013

First Wacom Tablet Creations

Years ago, I had heard legends of a device that could be used to allow you to actually draw on a computer. I have loved drawing ever since I was a wee lad, and dreamt of the possibilities of color and effects that a computer might achieve if somehow intertwined with the art of pen-on-paper drawing. Finally after scrimping and saving, I was able to purchase none other than my very own Bamboo Wacom Tablet!!!

The tablet was simple but SO much more advanced than using a mouse!! I immediately went to work trying out the pressure levels, colors with Photoshop Elements, and just let my brain have a hay day. Here are some of my earlier Wacom tablet works. Mouse over them to see my thoughts on each one.

I have quite a few other doodle type drawings such as these, but these were simply the earlier foundation ones that served as spring boards into my next "levels" of Wacom art.

(PS - I can't get these pictures to format right, so I apologize that they look all weird)

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